Rima International Journal of Education (RIJE)

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Rima International Journal of Education

Rima International Journal of Education was founded in January 2021 by the Faculty of Education of Sokoto State University

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission


Manuscripts meant for submission should be written in English with strict adherence to British standards.

Paper Size, Font, and Length:

The Manuscript prepared for submission should be typed in Microsoft Word on A4 paper size using Times New Romans, font size 12 and 1.5-line spacing. The manuscript should not be more than 15 pages including references.

Title Page:

The title page should capture the title of the manuscript which should not be too lengthy, the author(s) name(s) with surname in Upper Case, institution’s affiliation, current mailing address, valid e-mail address, Phone No(s) and full postal address of the main author and co-authors.


Manuscripts must be accompanied with an abstract of not more than 200 words comprising essential components of the manuscripts. Avoid citations in the abstract. After the abstract, the authors should provide maximum of 5 key words.


The manuscript should be explicitly presented under various headings and sub-headings. The ideas should be properly organized. Coherent and sequential. More importantly, the following should be made conspicuous while preparing empirical papers: Introduction (indicating rationale for the study, review of related literature, problem statement, and purpose of the study), Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations.

Arrangement of Tables/Figures:

The tables/figures should be arranged properly and neatly using the latest APA style and the title of the tables/figures should appear on top of each table such as, (Table 1; Table 2, etc/Figure 1, Figure 2, etc). There should be an avoidance of moving over to the next page.

Arrangement of Text-Quotations:

Indication of 1.5 in both left and right should be used for a particular quotation that is up to 40 words or more. Hence, the page number of the quotation should be provided in bracket at the end of the quoted words or passages.


This should be clearly presented in tables and figures with appropriate headings/sub-heading. Do not restate your research questions or hypotheses under this section.

Referencing Style:

All in-text citations and references should confirm strictly with the latest APA style/format.


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